7 Photos That Will Make Any Hunter Cringe

There are some things you just can't unsee.

When other hunters fail this badly, we sometimes can't believe our eyes. These seven photos will surely make you cringe in disbelief.

There's always that one guy in any hunting group that'll do everything wrong. No matter how many times we try to steer them away from their fails, they just keep on making more.

Bad luck follows these guys around and the photos say it all. Remember, a memory now is but a cell phone picture away.

1. Your vegan Uncle decides to take up hunting.

Camouflage clothes do not make big-game hunters. It takes much more. Cartoon-style squash hunting just doesn't have the same thrill as a big deer or a bunch of rabbits. Whether armed with a double-barrel shotgun or anything else, you're over gunned. There's no room for a vegan as a new hunter out on the trail. Go ahead and pull up a chair at your local salad bar and watch the beautiful sunset over the croutons. The animal rights activists will thank you.

2. You trained your hunting dog wrong.

This old picture is just heartbreaking. That definitely isn't a good dog-walking exercise or training session for a proper hound. What else can we really say that's family-friendly? What would the caption read about this animal's life? This goes way past funny photoshops and must be a very old picture. That hunt club surely isn't training hunting dogs anymore.

3. All we can say is ouch...

What was this archery hunter even doing? Was he shooting old carbon arrows from an overdraw or what? While the story behind the archer in this picture might be in the air, we can imagine the pain. Your hunting buddies will miss you this season.

4. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

Ambling toward your treestand in the early dawn might find you the hunted animal instead of the predator. Bear hunts should not include this. You'd better watch your back there, big-game hunter. Conservation efforts have brought back many alpha predators. Something might be watching you on your hunting trips.

5. Don't fall from your treestand.

A fall from a deer stand might end your life this hunting season. It also might injure you so badly you carry the scars and fears around the rest of your life. Every year, more of our ranks fall for this preventable accident. Be careful out there and use all safety precautions to guard against a fall.

6. Your leg does not make a good arrow quiver.

Well, that'll leave a mark, right? This photo here might just prove Darwin's Evolution Theory true.

7. Just hanging out of the treestand...

For the hunter who forgets to tie the climbing treestand pieces together bad things happen. Imagine dangling from your armrests in your camo suit while the rest of your climbing stand is below you at ground level. Good luck getting down to the ground. That might happen quicker than you think!

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