7 People You're Guaranteed to Meet at Any Car Show

Every weekend, you can find a car show someplace, somewhere.

Car shows are a classic way Americans get together to share their love for vehicles.

With that come many different people, who often fall into some very well-defined categories. Here are a few that cover a good number of folks!

7. The Know-It-All

Everyone has heard this person, even before seeing them. They know everything about every car that shows up, no matter how rare.

While they can be a font of knowledge, they can also be a bit of a bore. Sometimes it's fun to look at a car just for the sake of looking at the car.

6. The Nit-Picker

This person will complain about every little thing that could be wrong on a car. If he sees a restored 1968 Camaro, he'll complain that they used the grill from a 1969 Camaro because of some tooling mark on the grill.

They never seem to enjoy themselves at the car show, which makes me wonder why they come in the first place.

Possibly to find that rare unicorn that's truly "perfect" in their eyes...

5. The Gatekeeper

This person annoys me the most, to be honest. They seem to want to decide what is allowed in a car show and what isn't.

If you dare to show up at a car show with a car that's deemed unworthy, they'll make sure that everyone around them knows that "this car" isn't worthy of being shown.

You'll generally find them complaining about either the car that's "too new," or the car that isn't "up to the matching standards."

4. The Dad

Ok, this is pretty specific in my case, but it's my dad who walks down the rows of a car show saying, "Yeah, I had one of those, I drove that model for a few years, and that one, but in blue."

I would just sit there, astonished, wondering how he could have been so dense. "Why didn't you keep ONE of them?!?!"

I can't complain too hard, though, because no one knows at the time what car is going to become a collectible classic. You can guess with some, but not all of them.

3. The Teen

I've seen the Teen at many shows that I've been to. They are wandering around telling their friends, "Yeah, when I get my license, I'm going to get one like this! But, I'll make it better by doing...."

No, just no. Don't finish that sentence.

Whatever you would "fix" about that car most likely doesn't need to be done, and the person who made this car likes it the way it is.

2. The Photographer

Never get in their way! Wow, will you get in trouble!

They are there to document the car show for the rest of the car-loving world, and heaven forbid you walk in front of them while they are setting up that perfect shot.

You'll recognize the Photographer because they'll be weighed down with photography equipment. They'll also be the ones lying on the ground to get that perfect shot.

1. The Enthusiast

Think of all the times you went to a car show and saw someone walking around with friends, talking to the people showing off their cars, and having a good time.

They appreciate the work that goes into a car and enjoys what is at the show no matter what type of car it is. The Enthusiast knows that the people who bring out their cars to be seen do it for the joy of showing off something they love with others.

Be an enthusiast, enjoy the car shows and have some fun. Pass your love of cars on to your children and your friends so that it's not lost generations from now.