7 Fish That Perfectly Represent Each Day of the Week

Catch one every day of the week.

Sunday: Bluegill

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Sunday the day for relaxing and fun fishing. The Bluegill is the perfect fish for this day. Readily available and very eager to bite the perfect fish to cap off a weekend.

Monday: Asian Carp

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No one likes a Monday. You know what else no one likes? Invasive species, making the Asian carp perfect for arguably the worst of days.

Tuesday: Crappie

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As the week picks up, I can't think of a better fish to pick up. A Tuesday can dramatically improve your week, and a mess of crappie makes for a great fishing trip.

Wednesday: Walleye

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HUMP  DAY! Goes perfect with walleye. Mostly because it sort of rhymes, walleye Wednesday.

Thursday: King Salmon

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This close to the weekend your mind is almost completely on fishing. King Salmon are the perfect fish to get you in the right mind set. During a run they are perfect way to spend a few hours after work on a Thursday night.

Friday: Catfish

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Friday nights are the time to go night fishing. Nothing is better to target at night than catfish. You also get to cap off the night with a cold beer and fresh fried catfish. That is unless you are going to wake back up and go after the next species.

Saturday: Bass

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Saturdays were made for bass fishing. There is a not a Saturday that doesn't have a bass tournament. Bass are the most popular game fish for the most popular day of the week.