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66-Pound King Salmon Leaps, Takes out Pair of Anglers

YouTube: Brett Freeman

Expect the unexpected when fighting a fish, especially when you have a leaping king salmon on the end of your line.

King salmon are hard-nosed battlers that know how to put up a fight. Long runs, powerful head shakes and incredible acrobatic leaps sum up their strengths perfectly. But are they a fish to be feared when you set the hook into one? Not really, but this video shows something incredible and completely unexpected.

While fishing the Kenai River in Alaska, a 50-inch king salmon weighing a hefty 66 pounds is hooked. Watching this cell phone video, the fight seems to be going well, although the fish does seem to be using the strong current to its advantage. What happens next came as a shock to these anglers!

Watch the video below:

Talk about the fishing surprise of a lifetime! According to the YouTube post, that salmon knocked over both anglers and broke the rod, as well. You have to give it some credit, though; if you're going to be caught, you might as well try wiping out the guy that did the catching!

This is 3D fishing action at its finest.

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66-Pound King Salmon Leaps, Takes out Pair of Anglers