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66-Pound King Salmon Leaps, Takes out Pair of Anglers


As some of the toughest battlers to grace the waters of North America, king salmon undeniably have the ability to give anglers a real fight. By using lengthy runs, shaking their heads with immense power, and leaping in acrobatic fashion, these fish eliminate a fisherman's ability to cut any corners. However, on rare occasion, they'll throw these opponents a bone in the most peculiar way imaginable. As you're about to see in the following clip, these guys experienced something completely unexpected, and something they'll likely never see again.

While fishing in Alaska's Kenai River, an angler hooks up with a 50-pound, 66-pound king salmon. While the battle begins with a fairly even match, with the fish seemingly exploited a tough current, things switch in a hurry when their catch leaps straight into their boat.

Watch the video below:


Talk about the fishing surprise of a lifetime! According to the YouTube post, that salmon knocked over both anglers and broke the rod, as well. You have to give it some credit, though; if you're going to be caught, you might as well try wiping out the guy that did the catching! This is 3D fishing action at its finest.

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