60 Minutes Discusses Remington 700 Recall with Gun Owner

60 Minutes sits down to discuss the Remington 700 recall.

Several gun owners have issued complaints to the major gun manufacturer Remington regarding their 700 series rifle, saying it fired without the trigger being pulled. 60 Minutes decided to interview multiple people about the Remington 700 recall.

Some of those individuals interviewed were attorneys and one, in particular, is a gun owner with an emotional firsthand account.

In this interview, Roger Stringer, sits down with 60 Minutes to describe an incident that occurred with his son's Remington rifle.

Zac was sentenced to 10 years in prison. At the time, the Stringer family did not know about the Remington recall.

Remington sent this statement to 60 Minutes:

Remington stands behind the safety and reliability of its products and vehemently denies allegations that there is any design defect in the Walker trigger mechanism. However, to put an end to the expense and uncertainty of protracted litigation, Remington agreed to settle the class action on terms which are in the best interests of Remington and its valued customers.

Separately, after Remington's own investigation determined that there was a possible assembly error affecting another trigger mechanism, the X Mark Pro ("XMP"), it immediately and voluntarily issued an international recall on all Remington products with XMP trigger mechanisms manufactured from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014 and broadly promoted and advertised the recall. Firearm safety remains our number one priority.

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