6 Unbelievable Outdoor Vehicles

These six outdoor 'vehicles' plow through anything that beast or nature throws at them.

There are plenty of all-terrain vehicles and trucks with 4x4 off-road capability out there to choose from. Sure, you could go with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, or a four-wheel drive Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, but those can only get you so far.

Heading off-road (and by that we mean to the extreme) is a lot easier if you have a specialized off-road vehicle ready to tackle a variety of American terrain.

These are outdoor vehicles that don't just survive the elements — they dominate them.

The Snow Crawler

Why have a regular snowmobile when you can have a snow tank? Although the Snow Crawler (seen above) is currently just a concept vehicle, this bad boy may make you actually look forward to a long winter.

Featuring an advanced electrical drive, the Snow Crawler will get you from A to B efficiently, comfortably, and way off road. Maybe there isn't a ton of interior space, but that's not what's important here.

John Deere RSX850i Midnight Black Special Edition

If you're looking for a high-performance, off-roading vehicle with top speeds up to 53 mph, custom matte black paint, and a 3,500-pound Warn winch then look no further than this special edition John Deere. Tricked out with every feature you could want, this black beauty will take you through just about anything with plenty of cargo space.

The traction control on this thing is out of this world, the ground clearance is impressive, and the fuel economy isn't bad, either. And the $16,000 price tag will assure you that you aren't getting just another ATV.

Gibbs Quadski XL


Enter the Quadski XL. XL because the original quadski was sized only for one. Now you can off-road right into the water and keep going, at speeds up to 45 mph on either surface, all with your significant other lovingly clinging to you.

You can even get your Quadski XL in your favorite color — or better yet, camo. The price is TBD but can you really put a price on all the off-road memories you'll create with this vehicle?

Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Kit

Technically this isn't a vehicle. Rather, the Timbersled snow bike kit is a kit ... for your bike. If you're a dirt fanatic but live in the Great North chances are you have to stare longingly at your ride while waiting for the snow to melt. But with Timbersled's kit you can tackle that ice and snow with ease on your favorite ride.

Available in a variety of models, the kit replaces your back wheel with a tank-like spiked track and your front wheel with a ski. It also provides some extra storage space — really handy when you need a swig of Fireball to warm you up! But it'll cost you, kits start around $5,000.

Emad Dirt Rider Electric Skateboard

Many kids go through a skateboarding phase growing up. It feels good to propel yourself around the neighborhood streets looking cool and feeling cool.

Now you can relive those glory days in the wilds of the woods with the Dirt Rider Electric Skateboard from Emad. Big off-road tires and an 800-watt motor ensure you can blaze trail over nearly any surface. And this baby isn't just for kids (in fact, it's strictly not for kids), the Dirt Rider can carry adults 300 pounds + and reach almost 20 mph. This is definitely an activity suitable for a helmet. The Dirt Rider can be yours for around $650.

Der Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine

Perhaps the best is last — the Der Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine is a tank that had a one-night stand with Professor X's wheelchair. This off-roader is perfect when you need to really go overland off the beaten path by yourself. The two electric disk motors produce 21 hp and produce speeds up to 22 mph. A full charge will give you nearly five hours of tank-esque driving bliss. Plus it's incredibly simple to drive with just one joystick as its main control. And the aesthetics are top notch — metal mudguards, wood paneling, and custom paints.

The Der Ziesel offroad machine will set you back around $30,000 and will be made custom in Germany. They sure know their tanks over there.

There are many options to choose from when shopping for outdoor vehicles. But these six stand out as the toughest, most innovative, and definitely most unique. They aren't your typical all-wheel drive Ford F-150 pickup truck, Subaru Outback, or even a Jeep Wrangler, but they're destined to bring you to places you've probably never been.

Be a rebel and try one of these vehicles. The outdoors won't know what hit it.