Travis Smola

6 Shed Hunting YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

Watching these Youtube channels will make you a better shed hunter.

Shed antler hunting is one of the hardest hunting skills there is to learn. It can sometimes take years to truly find shed hunting success. Trust me, I know from experience.

Luckily, through the internet, it is a little bit easier to learn the tips and tricks you need to be successful each shed hunting season. One of the most helpful things you can do to help you find white gold is to watch the pros online to glean some expert shed hunting tips.

With that in mind, here are six shed hunting channels you should be watching.


The boys at Hushin do just about everything in the outdoors. Their channel is an awesome mix of hunting, fishing and camp cooking. But we especially look forward to each late winter and early spring when the boys burn the boot leather to find sheds.

These guys are absolute pros at finding mule deer and elk sheds on their multi-day trips. You'll be in awe, but antler hunters can also pick up some helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Antler Trader

This channel consists of a husband/wife team, Josh and Brit. Their channel covers a lot of the usual stuff. They are avid elk and deer hunters, but their channel's prime content is, without question, their shed hunting videos.

Many of the videos are taken on public land, but your jaw will be on the floor at the size of some of the mule deer and elk antlers that they find. It's just as impressive to see the sheer number of antlers they locate. You also gotta love their appreciation for the outdoors.

Almost every antler find is punctuated with their signature: "Thank you, thank you, thank you" catchphrase.

Shedding Life

This is a smaller channel that should probably have a lot more subscribers than it does. Shedding Life's videos are just constant action of finding sheds, both elk and mule deer.

Usually it's just one guy in the brush by himself or with his dog finding them, but he occasionally does trips with others too. Either way, watching his videos will help make you a better shed hunter.

Rise and Shed

Weston McArthur and his friends just make it look easy. Every year they take huge shed hunting trips, picking up elk and deer antlers in New Mexico, California, Utah, Nevada and more.

Equally impressive is the incredible size of the antlers they pick up each shed season as they scour the feeding and bedding areas of the American west.

Shed Crazy

Just like the name suggests, Ben Dettamanti is truly shed crazy. His channel features a lot of other quality outdoor content like deer hunting too, but his shed hunting videos are most excellent and have great production value. And the knowledge he drops during his adventures will help you find more in your own hunts.

Wired to Hunt

You may have noticed most of these channels focus almost exclusively on western states. It's no surprise; it's just harder to find sheds here in the Midwest or out east. One of the more consistent channels for whitetail deer sheds has been Wired to Hunt. If you've struggled to find whitetail sheds, his videos will definitely give you some of the pointers you'll need to find success in difficult-to-search states like Michigan and Ohio.

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