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Shed Hunters Find an Ancient Native American Village by Accident

It's impossible to know what you could possibly find simply spending time in the outdoors. So much history lies in America's soil, as do the remains of creatures who inhabited these lands over the course of history. Of course, humans have left their own marks behind, as even in the year 2022, you could still be lucky enough to find ancient ruins, Native American artifacts, or remnants of wars that took place here in the United States. The possibility of finding such rare mementos drives so many of us to keep our eyes peeled as we trek across Mother Nature, particularly during shed hunting season.

In the following clip, we see a husband and wife on the hunt for mule deer antlers when they come across an unexpected gold mine of ancient keepsakes. What starts as a handful of arrowheads and various chippings quickly turns into a wealth of artifacts that indicates the site of what once was a Native American village, as couple is able to spot remains of houses and even pottery shards.

Watch the video below:

Finding something like this is even better than seeing it in a museum since you're seeing it firsthand. Seeing the deer in the area, it seems this area was and probably still would be a great hunting ground. It isn't often you find a place like this that's totally untouched by the progress of the modern world. It was amazing how the foundations of houses and the shards of pottery were still there hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years later.

This day may not have been great for shed antlers. But, finding something as cool and old as this Native American village would make anyone's day! Nice finds, guys!