6 Reasons to Process Your Own Game

One of the best parts of being an outdoorsman is a chance to process your own game.

We're obviously prone to do things on our own at Outdoor Edge, but there seems to still be a contingency of hunters out there who still bring their harvests to a processor, spending unnecessary money on something they could do themselves.

For those who need convincing, here are six more good reasons you should start to process your own wild game meat.

1. Save on the cost of commercial processing


The amount of money some processors charge is ridiculous. A set of DIY game processing tools can pay for itself in one season or less.

2. Guarantee the quality of meat for your family

Who knows what that beef or chicken has gone through before it reached your kitchen? Be confident you're eating healthy when you hunt and process your own food from field to freezer.

3. Dinner for two or six? Know what's in your freezer

Doing it yourself lets you control the size of your family's meal portions. Cut and wrap your meat just the way you want it and have meals at the ready throughout the year.

4. It is healthy and natural


Wild game has no hormones or preservatives and is low in fat; by those counts it beats beef every time.. You can't get much more organic than game meat.

5. Know what you are eating is all yours

Avoid having your game meat mixed with another hunter's animal at the butcher. You know you field dressed and cooled your animal correctly. Did the other guy?

6. Cut and wrap your meat together as a family project

Each family member will appreciate the fact that they contributed their part to the meal when they sit down to enjoy the healthy fresh venison on the dinner table.


Still not convinced? Then think about this: For over 16 years, Outdoor Edge has helped provide countless outdoorsmen with complete field-to-freezer home processing kits with all the tools you need to process wild game like a pro. There are several different kits with all the tools anyone would need to process game.

See several of the top quality kits from Outdoor Edge in this video:

These kits are available at your local sporting goods dealer or online. For more information visit OutdoorEdge.com.