6 Random Facts About the Toyota Tundra

Whenever you pull the trigger and buy a new truck, you need to know everything about it. You need to know its history, where it's manufactured, what features are offered, etc. We're here to give you the common knowledge you need. Next up: the Toyota Tundra.

It hasn't been around very long.

Unlike its biggest competitors (Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge), Toyota's American roots aren't all that deep when it comes to full-size trucks. Toyota produced smaller trucks long before, but it didn't come out with a full-size pickup until 1992 when it announced the 1993 T100. In 1998, Toyota introduced the Tundra, which would replace the T100.

The name "Tundra" came after a lawsuit.

Toyota originally wanted to call it the T150, as it would be a little bigger than the T100. However, Ford sued Toyota claiming the name was too similar to the well-known F-150 in Ford's F-Series. Toyota ultimately reconsidered and went with Tundra instead.

It was the first Toyota truck to ever feature a V8.

As we noted earlier, Toyota originally made its name in the truck market with its smaller trucks. When the T100 came out, it was often criticized for being too small for a full-size pickup. Many were also unhappy with the fact it only came with a V6 engine, which already came in Toyota's compact trucks. When the Tundra came out with a V8 option, Toyota was officially immersed in the full-size pickup market.

Toyota stays near the top of the industry.

Headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation was recognized as the largest automobile manufacturer for four consecutive years until Volkswagen took the title in 2016. Toyota's success comes from its sustained reputation of reliability. While its trucks weren't always a top priority, they're now a huge part of Toyota's business.

It comes in a number of different models and packages.

First, you'll have to decide which model Tundra you want: the SR, the SR5, the Limited, the Platinum, or the 1794 Edition. The SR is the most standard model, with each model offering more bells and whistles as you move up the line. There's also an optional off-road package as well as a fairly large variety of accessories you can add.

The Tundra is built only in North America.

Toyota has a factory in San Antonio, Texas, where the Tacomas and Tundras are manufactured. The Tundra is built and sold only in North America.