Crossbow Broadheads

6 Popular Crossbow Broadheads to Sharpen Your Shot

With the increasing popularity of crossbow hunting here are some crossbow broadheads to take into the field. 

Whether you're a fan of fixed-blade broadheads or mechanical broadheads, we've outlined some great options for you to try in your crossbow.

There aren't as many crossbow broadhead options on the market as there are for compound bows, but nonetheless there are some that fly true and maintain great cutting diameters.

Which is the best crossbow broadhead for your applications? That's something you'll need to decide for yourself.

There are some crossbow broadheads that are simply awful, but most differences come down to cutting diameter, durability and whether they are fixed or mechanical.

1. Muzzy Trocar

The Muzzy Trocar is a three-blade, 100 grain, fixed broadhead. It boasts a 1-3/16-inch cutting diameter and it's very aerodynamic.

I personally have shot these broadheads, and if nothing else they are reliable. With the speeds that crossbows shoot today, the Trocar will smash through its destination with no problem.

2. Grim Reaper

The X-Bow mechanical blade broadhead by Grim Reaper has a 1-1/2-inch cutting diameter with a total cut of 2-1/4-inches. Available in both 100 grain and 125 grain these broadheads are field point accurate at 100 yards with up to speeds of 400 fps.

Grim Reaper makes a line of broadheads for both compound and crossbows solely designed and made in America.

3. NAP

New Archery Products offers a sweet package that includes crossbow bolts, Slingblade broadheads, two sets of nocks and QuikFletch Vanes. The whole collection is a total grain weight of 380.

New Archery Products also offers the NAP Spitfire broadheads for crossbows. The Spitfire is front deploying with a 1-1/2-inch cutting diameter available in 100 and 125 grain. My family and I have shot similarly designed broadheads for several years with great success. It's a three-blade broadhead that produces tremendous kinetic energy.

4. Ramcat

The crossbow broadhead by Ramcat is similar in design for their compound broadhead which I personally have shot. The blades are razor sharp and designed as a fixed-blade.

Ramcat offers a 100-grain with a cutting diameter of 1-3/8-inches and a 125 grain with a cutting diameter of 1-1/2-inches. They are a pretty simple design, but they offer a strong punch. I can personally attest to their field tip accuracy with a compound bow. I'm not sure how that translates with a crossbow bolt, but I imagine at speeds up to 400 fbs, it's pretty accurate.

5. Swhacker

The Swhacker crossbow broadhead is a unique two-blade design. Swhacker offers a 150 grain, 3-inch cutting diameter expandable broadhead.

Similarly, there's also a 125 grain, 2-1/4-inch, a 125 grain 1-3/4-inch, and a 100 grain 1-3/4-inch cutting diameter. In other words, there are plenty of options to choose from to install on your crossbow bolt.

If you're looking to try something unique and different, this expandable blade broadhead is for you.

6. Rage

The Rage Hypodermic is one of the most popular crossbow broadheads, largely because you will find it at any major retail store that carries hunting supplies.

The stainless steel blades total a 2-inch cutting diameter with the Shock Collar blade retention system. This is another broadhead that I have used several times with great success. It leaves a large wound channel which Rage broadheads are notorious for.

You can browse to your hearts content, but you won't really know what to make of a crossbow broadhead until you try them for yourself. Get your hands on some, head to the range, and shoot until you know they're for you.

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