6 Gun Accessories Every Firearm Owner Should Have

Guns are just begging to have accessories.

As gun owners there are many things we can buy for ourselves (and our guns) to keep us (and them) happy.

These six gun accessories are nice additions for any firearm owners.

1. A safe place to chill out when not out exercising Second Amendment Rights.

When not out in the wilds, the range or watching out for you those guns need a safe place to sleep. What better place locked away from unauthorized users and thieves than a good gun safe?

2. A way to keep them dry and rust free.

Keeping your weapons dry while stored will keep the rust goblins away. Dehumidifying products are a must have, especially in high-humidity regions, or your investments may turn to orange dust. A Lockdown Dehumidifier is a cheap insurance policy over costly damage.

3. A way to keep them squeaky clean.

A quality universal gun cleaning kit is an absolute must have for the gun owner. Keep that firearm cleaned and it will last for generations.

4. A nice, padded case for transport.

Whether you are a pistol, rifle, or shotgun shooter, transporting your weapon can cause many problems: bumps, scratches, strange looks, and even legal issues. Buy a padded gun case that is specifically made for your firearm size. Now that fine blued finish and beautiful stock will not be ruined by rubbing against stuff in the trunk.

5. A way to hang out and stay accessible.

Many hunters don't think to use a sling with their firearms. Adding one allows you to use both hands for other duties. It sure beats standing your gun up in the mud next to an old tree.

6. The proper tools to maintain them.

If you plan on disassembling your guns for routine maintenance (or adding accessories), you'll need the right tools. Invest in a kit specifically made for firearms and avoid those mistakes that makeshift tools can cause with your prized guns.