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6 Ammo Cans That Will Keep Your Gear Happy

Surplus military ammo cans have been an asset to hunters and shooters for decades.

These tough cans last forever and are bargain priced.

Check out these six ammo can deals from Sportsman's Guide that will keep ammo and anything else safe and sound.

1. U.S. Military M19A1 .30 Caliber Ammo Can

Sportsman's Guide

Highly portable military surplus .30 caliber ammo cans have a rubber gasket that keeps everything inside dry. The tough construction is unmatched by anything on the market.

A used ammo can continue to keep ammo and other valuables safe and easily transported for years.

2. U.S. Military Surplus Waterproof M2A1 .50 Caliber Ammo Can

Sportsman's Guide

The super tough .50 caliber G.I. ammo cans are held close to our hearts. With much more room than the smaller .30 caliber cans, this used ammo container also has the sealing rubber gasket and carry handle.

It will hold plenty of ammo (or just about anything else), but isn't too heavy when filled. This would make a perfect dry box for your duck blind or your bass boat.

3. U.S. Military PA154 Ammo Can

Sportsman's Guide

Sometimes items are just too long to be stored in standard ammo cans. Something longer is in order. like this super-sized can. Or just store a whole bunch of ammo, your choice.

4. U.S. Military PA108 "Fat 50 SAW Box" Ammo Can

Sportsman's Guide

When even the regular .50 caliber ammo can is just not wide enough, this steel can gets it done. It has all the same features as the other G.I. ammo cans above too.

5. U.S. Military Surplus PA120 40mm Ammo Can

Sportsman's Guide

This big surplus ammo can should be called the ammo vault. Fill this two-handled can to the brim with ammo, and it takes two people to lift it.

They are easily stackable and the contents will be ready for you in great shape as long as you remember the cardinal rule for ammunition storage: Keep them in a cool dry spot. Your ammo stash and gear will last longer that way.

6. MTM .50 Caliber Ammo Cans

Sportsman's Guide

Sometimes a metal military ammo can might just be overkill for your needs. That is when polypropylene box with a rubber o-ring will come in handy. This lightweight box also can be padlocked. That just might be a handy feature to keep your gear from being meddled with.


6 Ammo Cans That Will Keep Your Gear Happy