6 Broadhead Features to Choose From

Choosing a big game broadhead is serious business.

Big game bowhunting seasons are right around the corner. We searched high and low for the best features that will assure the cleanest, most humane kill, and work for our various needs and styles.

Each year new features emerge that are said to be better than last year's pro performers. Here are the things we find the most important when choosing a dependable big game broadhead.

1. Mechanical expandable blades

Remember when expandable broadheads were the newest craze? They are very dependable arrow tips, and their impact is close to that of a target point of the same grain weight. The Muzzy HB-Ti Mechanical Broadhead is certainly an imposing tip for your hunting arrows.

2. Fixed blades

When it comes to a proven design, fixed blades are almost unbeatable. You don't have to worry about mechanical blades failing to open. If you are shooting through mesh windows of a hunting blind, fixed blades are the best. Sitting in a hunting blind with a crossbow in your hand, the Muzzy Trocar 125 Grain Broadhead is a great deer hunting option.

3. Fixed and expandable combo

If you can't pick between a fixed blade or a mechanical expanding blade, go with a combination of lethal cutting power. The Rage X-Treme 4-Blade Broadhead looks the part, and acts the part. A slow dance with this lady will take down the biggest buck in a hurry.

4. Broadhead weight

Lighter is faster, but heavier broadheads have more shocking power and possible depth penetration. A 100 grain broadhead might shoot better than a 125 grain version in your bow, or vice versa. Find out what shoots better by trying several weights, and stick with the size you know will work.

5. Blade length

Cutting blade length is a hotly debated subject in the bowhunting community. A 1 3/8" cutting diameter on a Ramcat 100 Grain Broadhead is much less than that of a 2.3" Rage X-Treme 100 Grain Broadhead. The choice is ultimately up to you.

6. Brand name

Personal experience of game hunters has a lot to do with gear selection. If our first deer harvest went down like it was hit by lightning with a Rage Broadhead, we might look more into that brand than any other. I've used NAP Broadheads and found that they get the job done very well, so I haven't strayed too far away.