Half Million Dollar RV
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$500,000 Off-Road RV is Loaded to the Gills for Adventure

This $500,000 expedition truck has everything one needs for adventure.

With camping and spending time in the outdoors becoming more popular than ever, we're starting to see RVs evolve into elaborate designs that can take on anything that mother nature throws in their path. While most large RVs are still boxes on wheels that are built for the pavement, there is more of a movement to make them off-road capable.

This style of RV is especially popular in overlanding circles where the owners do not want to setup in a typical RV park next to the highway for the night.

Case in point is this $500,000 Global Expedition truck. Not only can it go off-road to places you never dreamed of taking an RV previously, but it also can operate almost entirely off-grid! Watch as the owner of this awesome machine gives a full tour of the rig and the features packed into it.

By adding a generator and solar panels, this thing could go into remote areas for weeks at a time without a need to head back to civilization. This vehicle makes a good use of space too. We were surprised to see the washer/dryer combo tucked away right across from the kitchen. The bathroom areas look slightly cramped, but they do have a toilet and hot shower for after a long day of outdoor adventure.

At the same time, it has all the modern comforts of home for those who do not like to rough it in a tent. We know some people will say this type of vehicle takes all the fun out of camping, but we say anything that gets people outside and into nature is a good thing.

Obviously, this style of RV is not for everyone. Mostly because most of us, myself included, cannot afford a vehicle that costs more than most homes. Still, it is fun to see the types of features they're packing into the most advanced adventure vehicles on the market these days.

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