Mille Lacs
YouTube: Hoyer Fishing

Flashback to This 50-Pound Muskie Caught on Mille Lacs

This is how Mille Lacs produces when the weather turns cold.

Mille Lacs is known as a big muskie fishery.

This Minnesota body of water produces some of the largest muskies caught every year. If you are looking for a true giant muskie, make sure you head that way once the weather turns cold. As you are about to see, Hoyer Fishing catches this massive muskie on camera.  

If you are a muskie fisherman, or would like to be, there comes a moment shortly after the hookset when you realize you've got a big fish. That was understood very quickly in this footage.

Once that rod bent over and didn't flex back, everyone in the boat knew they hooked into a true Mille Lacs giant.

It's just flat out scary that fish like that exist out there. I don't have any numbers to back it up, but a 52.5 inch muskie with a 38.75 inch girth has to be one of the biggest muskies caught that year.

According to your average weight calculator, that puts this fish around 54 pounds.

Fish like that don't come easy and they don't come often. Congrats on a great catch. Count your lucky stars because this is a true fish of a lifetime!