coyote hunting

50 Coyotes Down in Minutes Will Leave Any Hunter Smiling

Predator control to the max, coming in 3...2...1...

This video doesn't need an intro, the title is enough. Whether you are a predator hunter, hunter in general, or farmer, the next few minutes will leave you smiling and wanting more.

Taking out a coyote is always a plus nowadays. Their rapidly growing numbers and the effects they have on small game, deer, and even livestock are a cause for concern. It is important that predator hunting becomes a facet of your land and wildlife management and you take time to remove one when you can for predator control.

Hunting at night is a huge advantage. And using lights from places like Night Hunting Depot can be super effective along with thermal imagery units.

This footage is, simply put, awesome.

Watching these thermal image hunting videos with multiple kills stacked on each other never gets old.

As you can see, many coyotes were being picked off a dead cow carcass and many others were shot inside cattle pastures alongside grazing cows.

Safe to say there are some ranchers sleeping better after this video.

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