flex seal
YouTube: LunkersTV

.50 Cal vs. Flex Seal: Which Will Win?

Have you ever wondered how well Flex Seal really works?

If you've ever wondered what kind of chaos goes down out at Demolition Ranch, it's right there in the name. If you've watched Matt Carriker's channel, before, you already know what kind of destruction he creates in front of a camera.

He owns an absurd amount of firepower and makes sure to try as many experiments as humanly possible with all of his firearms. We've seen him shoot everything from vegetables to bulletproof glass with a variety of different calibers to showcase the differences in performance.

While his curious mind answers many of our imaginations' gun-related questions, Rob Terkla, aka LunkersTV, leads the charge on this one, pairing Carriker's arsenal with a retired Googan Squad boat.

Watch as the two shoot an old kayak with everything up to the size of a .50 BMG to create the biggest holes imaginable. Then, wait to see if Terkla will be able to keep the kayak functional with Flex Seal!

Yeah, it looks like those .50 BMG holes are just a tad too big to seal up, which should really come as no surprise, right? Various videos on YouTube have proven Flex Seal can be somewhat effective, but it's pretty tough to seal up a hole that big.

Hopefully no one had any plans of using that kayak again, though, as it's pretty much done forever!

If you could do a shooting experiment with any household item, what would it be? A television? A piece of furniture? What about a kitchen appliance? Let us know!