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5 Ways to Guarantee a Great Morning After a Night of Camping

Here is how to guarantee yourself a great morning after a night of camping to get you off on the right foot.

If you are reading this you probably like nothing better than a couple of relaxing days in the wilderness. Whether it be for fishing, hunting, or just being outside, here are five simple tips to make it even better when you wake up each morning.

Critter proof your site

Before you hit the hay ensure your food is secure in either a bear proof box or slung well away in a tree and out of reach. This will keep your critical foodstuffs safe and keep the animals out of your camp. Also, avoid eating in your tent where you sleep, consider setting up a separate dining area well away so you don't get any surprises in the night.

Protect your fire

Before you head to the warmth of that sleeping bag take a couple of minutes to let the fire burn down to embers. Once reduced consider putting a large flat rock or some stones over those embers to keep them out of any moisture or rain. This will let you spring out of tent the next morning and aid getting your fire going quickly and efficiently. Don't forget to have some kindling and wood under cover and out of the elements for the morning also.

Keeping your gear and clothing ready-to-go

At the end of a long day take two minutes to police up your gear and clothing and put it under a tarp and off the ground. This will make sure you wake up to dry clothes and gear which goes a long way to keeping you comfortable.

Secure your stuff

Take that extra time to ensure your tent is well staked down and other things, like canoes and kayaks, are well up from the water and tied off to a tree or anchor. Nothing can ruin an outdoor adventure more quickly than having your shelter come down in the middle of the night in a storm or waking up to find your means of transport has blown away; it could be a very long walk out.

Final and most important point

Have on hand what in the military we called a "brew kit". This is a coffee kit with powdered coffee, creamer, sugar and lighter in a small container right beside your little camp stove and water source. This will allow you to get that first wake-up brew ready in minutes and will set the tone for the rest of your day. Just make sure your stove was in its container and out of the rain so you can quickly spark it up.

There you have it, a few tips to keep your morning on track as you rise up for another day of doing what you love.