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Top 5 Turkey Shotguns Under $550

These five turkey shotguns are tough on turkeys and easy on the pocketbook. Check them out and see which one is right for you.

Spring turkey season is right around the corner. Are you in the market for a new shotgun? Don't break the bank. Try one of these.

Benelli Nova

camo nova wos

This pump gun has a 4+1 capacity, double bead sighting system, and comes with three interchangeable choke tubes. The 12 gauge model handles shells up to 3 1/2 inches. The steel skeletal framework and overmolded polymer stock will stand up to the wet weather often encountered on spring turkey hunts. Pick it up in black for $400 or camo for $500.

Mossberg 500 Turkey Model

mossberg turkey gun wos

The Mossberg 500 Turkey Model is ready to hit the spring turkey woods. It comes equipped with adjustable fiber optic sights and an extra full turkey choke. It accepts loads up to 3 inches and comes in a hair over $350.

Mossberg 930 Turkey

930 wos

This gun is similar to the Mossberg 500 Turkey, but with the speed of a semi-automatic. The dual gas vent system and ported barrel reduce felt recoil to minimize flinching. You can pick one up and be ready to start jellying heads for $550.

Remington 870 Express Turkey

870 turkey wos

Remington's 870 line of pump guns has probably killed more game than any other model of shotgun. This one includes a synthetic Shure-Shot pistol grip stock to help you stay ready when old tom decides to hang up. The black matte/Mossy Oak camo finish will keep you hidden. It is chambered for 3-inch shells and sells for $460.

Winchester Super X Pump

winchester super x pump

This very classic Winchester offers high-end performance at a discount price. At 6.75 pounds and 47", it's a beginner-friendly 12-gauge that will also stay a favorite for years to come. It comes with TruGlo Fiber Optic sights. Dipped in Mossy Oak Bottomlands camo, it'll do $419 worth of damage to your bank account - and a lot more to your gobbler.

These are some of the best shotguns to get out and hunt those gobblers with. The best part about them is that they won't set you back thousands of dollars.

Happy hunting!