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Get Your Shooting in Shape for Gun Season


Are your shooting skills going to be good enough when the buck of lifetime steps into your sights? Here are some tips to get your shooting in shape.

Make sure you are in shooting shape this season with these reminders.

Check Your Zero

As silly as it sounds, many hunters hit the field each year without even firing their guns. Don’t assume your scope or sights are still on target from last gun season.

Sighting in your rifle is quick and easy and gives you the confidence to make a clean, killing shot when the opportunity arises.

Eliminate Flinching

Flinching and jerking the trigger are two of the most common problems hunters face when shooting their deer guns. This method of eliminating flinching requires two or more people and works on a combination of surprise and shame.

Don your eye and ear protection and make sure your gun is sighted in. Next, take a few practice shots, but have your buddy load your gun – or not – while you aren’t looking. The first time your gun goes click instead of boom will reveal if you are flinching or jerking your trigger. Practice until a gun fired on an empty chamber stays on target after the shot.


Get Off the Bench

Very few deer are taken by rifles sitting on bench rests and supported by sandbags, but this is how many hunters shoot all their practice shots. Once your rifle is sighted in and you have cured your flinching problem, shoot from field positions such as standing, sitting, and kneeling to simulate a hunting situation.

Try to get your shots off in less than five seconds and have them land in a 10-inch circle. When you can consistently accomplish this goal at 100 yards move the target to 200 and increase the range with your increasing skill level. Preseason practice will boost your confidence going in to gun season.

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Make It Move

If you hunt long enough you will be faced with a tough moving shot at a big buck. Will you be able to make the shot?

Practice shooting moving targets before the season and you will increase your odds when it is a buck you are shooting at.

Running deer silhouettes can be attached to lines running downhill or you can attach a target to the center of an old tire and roll it down a hill. However you make your target, make sure you practice before taking running shots at deer.


Dry Fire Your Gun

Dry firing does not hurt most modern centerfire weapons. Make sure your gun is empty and pick out a target located in a safe direction. “Shoot” quickly and cycle the action to gain familiarity with your firearm. Dry fire practice is free and does not require a range to happen.

Running through these reminders could be the difference between success and failure this gun season.

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Get Your Shooting in Shape for Gun Season