5 Trends the Shooting Sports World Needs to Pay Attention To

In 2017, we will see some changes in the shooting sports. Are you prepared?

Here are the five things that will have the biggest impact on the shooting sports world in the coming year.

1. The increase in concealed carry.

With popularity in concealed carry at an all time high handgun shooting sports will be very popular. Practice with handguns used for conceal carry allow shooters to be better able to perform under duress.

2. The drop in ammunition prices.

This is a huge plus for the shooting sports. With many ammunition prices at the lowest in eight years many will now be able to shoot more. This also holds true with reloading components.

The scares and price hikes of years past seem to have slowed to a stop.

3. Better supply of ammunition.

One caliber, .22 long rifle, has been the bane of hunters and shooters to find a readily supply of in years.

Well it is on the shelves in more places than ever in the last, say it with me, 8 years...

4. A more gun friendly political climate.

We now have a pro-Second Amendment President in the White House. However, the fight against our mislead foes of gun control is not over.

There is a friendlier pro-gun presence in high office that will give new anti-gun laws and many old ones too a kick to the curb.

5. Shooting sports have become more mainstream.

With more popularity in the shooting sports from women more guns are hitting the ranges.

Female competition shooters are at an all time high and their accomplishments with speed and accuracy have us guys sweating. Great job ladies, you are the new face of the shooting sports.

What other trends do you see shooting influenced by?