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Have Some Fun with .22 Long Rifle Tracer Bullets [VIDEO]

Piney Mountain Ammunition has .22 long rifle tracers made just for fun.

With .22 tracers your old .22 gun becomes even more fun.

Watch as these little .22 tracers are put to the test and you might be headed out to buy a box or two.

Tracer ammunition has been used for years in the military for tracking where bullets are actually going in low light conditions. There have been centerfire rifle, pistol and even shotgun tracer ammunition offered for commercial sale.

Piney Mountain Ammunition’s 40 grain .22 long rifle ammunition is stated to clock around 1070 fps and is subsonic. This allows this little tracer to be pretty quiet. It also will light up your world, as the video shows.

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Have Some Fun with .22 Long Rifle Tracer Bullets [VIDEO]