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5 Ridiculous Viral Instagram Videos Guaranteed to Make Your Day

Do you have the midweek blues? Let these five ridiculous Instagram videos turn that around.

Here is a compilation of five videos that have been going viral on Instagram lately. From funny grandmas with guns to angry kids fishing, you'll find something to smile about.

Here's to having a bad week of fishing and poor quality rods.

Anger issues?! 😂 - Follow @mass_bassing_fishing for more! 🎣

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If you watch closely, it looks like he might have been hit in the face with a rod, talk about a bad day of fishing gone worse.

Watch how this grandma takes down bad guys and handles spiders. Is she the coolest Grandma ever? You be the judge.

Gangster Grandma 😂

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One grandma video wasn't enough, so I added another. Watch her take on a 3-year-old in the video below.

Grandma Vs. 3 year old 🎯 Trick Shots w/ @korbin_jackson -------- Full video Link in bio??

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If you didn't find those amusing, maybe you will at least find this next video entertaining.  Watch as a flathead catfish devours a channel cat the same size. This video brings a whole new meaning to "Big fish, big bait" and having "eyes bigger than your stomach".

I absolutely don't recommend trying this next video at home.

What is your favorite video? Make sure to let us know!

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5 Ridiculous Viral Instagram Videos Guaranteed to Make Your Day