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5 Reasons Diamond Archery Can Help Anyone Get into Bowhunting

We wanted Diamond Archery to be not just a brand, but a way to help people see the beauty of bowhunting.

At Diamond Archery, we didn't make it a goal to just sell bows.

We're sure that you'll see how Diamond's advantage doesn't stop when you buy one of our products. We set out to show anyone, no matter their skill or experience level, that archery is amazing, and bowhunting is doubly so.

Here are five good reasons to start off with, and the rest you'll find at

1. The variety of choices

We don't mess around when it comes to product lines, and have something for everyone no matter your size or skill level.

Need a versatile, adjustable bow that won't break the bank? The Edge SB-1 is for you. Need a high-tech machine of a bow? The Deploy SB is your answer. Need something kid-friendly to show your youngster about bowhunting? The Atomic even has its own dedicated site to address that very important need.

Plus, within each bow choice lies a bunch of customizable options, including colors and accessories.

2. Our blog is full of awesome stuff

Not all brand blogs are worthy of your time, but if you're trying to learn as much as you can (like any dedicated archer should), the Diamond Archery blog is virtually priceless in our eyes.

We wanted to create it so you could have an encyclopedia of bow knowledge, and though it might not all be directly related to bowhunting, we're sure you're still going to find it useful.

3. An extensive how to library

Nothing beats the view from the top. #DiamondArchery #ItsWhatWeDo #hunting #whitetail #bowhunting #viewfromthetop📷: The Outdoors Chef

Posted by Diamond Archery on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

In addition to the blog, we also have put together a huge collection of how to videos free for the viewing.

Having a visual reference point can really help, especially when a lot of the online instructional material is only in written form, with maybe a few photos to guide you. The clear, high-def videos are available on the go, so you can watch while you're at the range or sitting in bed.

4. The Diamond Archery Community

One of the coolest things we get to do at Diamond Archery is see how much enjoyment you get out of our bows, especially when beginners and kids are involved. Like we said, it was a main goal to show how fun archery can be, and gathering photo proof of that is one of our great pleasures.

If you post a photo of yourself using a Diamond bow on social media with the hashtag #DiamondArchery, we'll add it to our homepage and share it with the rest of our followers. Showing you guys "in the hunt" is all part of spreading the good word of bowhunting.

You can even add a Diamond border to your photos, and enter them in a contest to win new bows and other cool gear!


This was a no-brainer, and sort of a crowning achievement in our eyes. If there was a way to make bow adjustments easier on everyone, we were going to find it. What we created was, a one-stop shop that guides you through the process of making your bow perfect for you. That's something we know the other big brands don't do, and we're honored to be one of the few who does.

Need more reasons? Follow us on social media, and see more of what we're about. You'll find out soon enough.


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5 Reasons Diamond Archery Can Help Anyone Get into Bowhunting