4th of july

5 Patriotic Lures to Fish with This 4th of July

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by going fishing?

Not patriotic enough for you on Independence Day? Then try using patriotic lures.

Yes, there are plenty of lures out there you can fish with on this 4th of July.

Here are 5 of them to try:

Patriotic Fishing Gift for Him

These little jewels are handmade out of bottle caps, silicone skirting and glass beads.

Add on the red, white and blue spinners, and you'll be flying Old Glory with every cast.

We read the reviews, purchasers loved them. However, there wasn't any mention of if they attracted the fish.

National Guard

There's nothing more patriotic than the military on the Fourth of July.

This Rapala was painted special in honor of the National Guard. And from head to tail, it looks like the flag.

It's even got a rattle inside to catch the attention of fish. Or will they think it's gunfire?

On the Fly

Don't want to leave fly anglers out on Independence Day.

This work of art was tied by Yurii Diachenko. Not sure what type of fly this is supposed to mimic.

I wouldn't be surprised if an eagle hatched from it, grabbed the fish and gently dropped it into your hands.


Of course, this patriotic lure sold out on Etsy. Why wouldn't it be?

And the seller says this crankbait is perfect for bass, pike and many other fish. Of course they do!

If they're American fish, they're darn well going to go after this lure.

Tri Color Tails

Finally, a little something for the saltwater anglers out there.

If you'll be celebrating the holiday while along the coast, maybe toss out this bucktail dressed hook on the back of a lure. It's supposed to be durable and attract aggressive strikes.

Heck, even foreign fish won't be able to resist the lure of the U.S.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July while you're out fishing.

And remember: No one said these lures would actually attract fish; they're just patriotic. 'Murica!