5 Outdoor Activities to Do With the Family This Thanksgiving

Don't get stuck inside this Thanksgiving! Enjoy the great outdoors! Here are some fun and exciting ways to get outside and spend quality time with your family. Will you be partaking in any of these?

1. Turkey Trot

outdoor activities on thanksgiving

Turkey trots are getting more and more popular. They are a great way to get the family together to support a good cause. A turkey trot is usually a 5K or 10K walk or run. Go at your own pace and burn off some calories from the big Thanksgiving dinner! Also, count on helping get in better hunting shape while you're at it.

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2. Pumpkin Hunt

outdoor activities on thanksgiving

Treasure hunts are always such a blast for both children and adults. Stash a few mini-pumpkins around your property and send your family off on a treasure hunt. Choose a prize that kids and adults would enjoy. Whoever finds the most pumpkins wins the prize!

3. Outdoor Games

outdoor activities on thanksgiving

Get every single family member outside on Thanksgiving Day and play a game of capture the flag. This simple game is a fun way to get a little competition going among family members. This game is definitely a favorite among kids.

4. Go On a Hike

Thanksgiving Outdoor Activities

This might be the last opportunity you have before freezing temperatures arrive to go on a family hike. Take a camera and use this group adventure as a chance to take pictures and create family memories.

If you're a good-enough photographer, this is a great chance to take some holiday card pictures.

5. Pick a Holiday Tree

outdoor activities for thanksgiving

For many families, taking the family out to go pick a Christmas tree is part of the Thanksgiving tradition. Many tree nurseries are already set up for Thanksgiving. There's nothing like the smell of fresh pine trees to get you in the happy holiday mood. Make your Turkey Day extra special, and get outside!