5 Oddest Military Surplus Finds You Will Want in Your Collection

The beauty of military surplus items is that strange finds can pop up often.

From Cold War items to creepy medical gear, all of these military surplus products are highly collectible.

Here are five of the oddest surplus finds we could track down on the Sportsman's Guide site, where the selection is great and the potential to save on conversation pieces is high.

1. U.S. Military Surplus XL Nylon Carry Bag

This large waterproof bag is great for big items you want to keep dry and haul around. Use your imagination and the true use of this big bag will make itself known.

2. U.S. Prison Surplus Complete Light Kit

Light up your shop, your man cave, or impress your guests with these surplus prison lights.

3. Czech Military Surplus Dental Chair

If this folding surplus dental chair could talk, imagine the stories it could share! It's something your friends definitely do not have in their collections.

4. French Military Surplus 50 KG Carcass Scale

How about a used carcass scale to hang in your garage? It's certainly something you don't find every day.

5. Czech Military Surplus Glass Hospital Bottle

What was this "hospital bottle" meant to hold? Your guess is as good as ours, but it would certainly look great as a display piece.