you need a surplus shovel

4 Reasons You Need a Surplus Shovel

Ever wish you had brought a shovel with you?

It's not every day, every moment, that a shovel is close at hand. But if you're camping with the family, hiking through the backcountry, foraging for wild edibles, or trying to survive a disaster situation, a military surplus shovel is an almost-perfect solution to a lot of tasks or problems that might arise.

Here are four legitimate reasons why you should own a surplus shovel, and include it in your wilderness supplies.

1. Portability

Many surplus shovels fold down real small to fit in a rucksack or tucked away in your vehicle trunk. With that handy size there is no reason not to have a proper digging tool ready at all times.

2. Cheap cost

The price of quality shovels isn't easy on the wallet these days. With military grade surplus shovels, you get a super tough tool at basement bargain prices. What's not to like about that deal?

3. Own a piece of history

Imagine owning a tool that a soldier used to dig their foxhole? Sure, the holes you dig might be for far different purposes. But it is still pretty interesting to hold so much history in your hands.

4. Impromptu weapons

There are plenty of stories of soldiers using the sharpened edges of their shovels as weapons. In a bad situation, a swing of the shovel might save your life from an attacker.