NFL players who hunt

These 5 NFL Players Share Our Passion for Hunting

Can you guess which NFL players are also hunters?

Several professional athletes also happen to be major hunters. These NFL players enjoy the outdoors, too!

Brett Favre

nfl players who hunt

Arguably one of the best quarterbacks in National Football League happens to be an avid hunter. The Green Bay Packers QB has a knack for harvesting large mule deer, as shown in the picture above.

Justin Tuck

NFL players who are hunters

If you want to talk about a serious hunter and football player, Justin Tuck is your guy. I think the picture says it all. The former defensive end for the New York Giants harvested this buffalo with his bow.

Trent Cole


The defensive end for the Colts also enjoys taking some time off from the gridiron to do some whitetail hunting.

Jason Babin

NFL players who hunt

As a matter of fact, Trent Cole and linebacker Jason Babin go hunting together from time to time!

Adam Vinatieri

NFL players who hunt

This picture of longtime kicker Adam Vinatieri says it all about what his passion is outside of kicking field goals.

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