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5 Gifts for Hunters Who Need to Stay Warm in the Late Season

There's nothing the hunter in your life will appreciate more than warmth.

When crafting your holiday-shopping checklist this year, keep in mind that hunting season isn't over just yet. However, this point of the season typically means brutal weather.

So, if you're giving hunting gear as gifts around Christmas time, it's probably best to give them something they can use right away.

Here are five of the best gift ideas the hunter in your life will never expect.

Rocky Deer Stalker Hunting Boots

Rocky Boots

The Rocky Deerstalker hunting boots are a great option for those who are looking for quality within a reasonable budget. These particular boots are waterproof and feature 800-gram insulation, making them a great gift for those who live in especially cold regions.

Because the Deerstalkers use light, flexible cement construction, their durability doesn't take away from their comfort. This pair of boots is 8 inches tall and around 4 pounds per pair.

Hunters will appreciate the Realtree Edge Camo Pattern, too.

First Lite Sawbuck Brush Pant

first lite pant

First Lite has its reputation for a reason, and trust us when we tell you every hunter knows what it is. Arguably the best in the business, First Lite offers a wide variety of hunting apparel that can be used for just about everything.

The Men's Sawbuck Brush Pants aren't especially warm, but most of us layer underneath pants anyways. What you get with these high-quality pants is unbelievable durability. They're basically the very best briar pants on the market that also come in a couple different camouflage options. If the hunter in your life is one to traverse some tricky terrain, they'll fall in love with these as soon as they unwrap them.

This is the perfect gift for the hardcore hunters out there.

First Lite LS Wick Crew

first lite wick crew

Any serious outdoorsmen will tell you perhaps the single most important item on a backcountry trip is a base layer. If you aren't wearing quality base layers, you often don't feel warm at all. The Wick Crew fortunately will work for almost anything, as it's not too much and not too little.

This shirt uses ultralight 150 Aerowool construction, which combines 17.5 micron merino wool and 37.5-activated nylon fibers. Additionally, it uses 125-gram Aerowool mesh to control odor in hot zones.

In a nutshell this fabric cools you down when you're heating up, and warms you up when it's cooling down.

There are a lot of hunting gifts out there, but this is something every outdoorsman needs.

Danner Boots Alsea

Danner alsea


These boots share some similarities to the Rocky boots, but are certainly a little warmer. These in particular feature 1,000-gram PrimaLoft insulation. Using the famous Gore-Tex waterproof liner, you'll never have to worry about having wet feet, and a full-grain leather and textile upper ensures stout durability.

Unlike the Realtree Rocky boots, the Danner Alsea boots sport some Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. If you live or hunt way up north, these boots are a game-changer. However, if you're a fan of the boots but want less warmth, Danner also offers these in 600- and 400-gram options, as well as a non-insulated option.

Free Fly X FITS Performance Sock


If you're going to buy someone quality socks, why not buy them some of the very best. The Free Fly X FITS Performance Socks are some of the most comfortable socks out there, and will make any hunter feel spoiled.

They use 65-percent Merino wool, 27-percent nylon wool, 6-percent polyurethane and 2-percent lycra.

While there's nothing worse than having cold feet while sitting in a treestand, walking around with sweaty feet isn't much better. These socks find the perfect medium.