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5 Gerber Tools to Give Dad on Father's Day

If you want to give your dad a great gift for Father's Day, get him something that will last, and that he'll actually use.

Like any other man, your dad isn't too complicated. He likes get get stuff done, and to do so, he needs gear he can always rely on.

Whether he's the do-it-all handyman, the outdoorsman who needs a tool that can survive the wilderness or the boat owner who spends every single weekend out on the lake, Gerber offers a wide variety of options for Father's Day gifts.

While each of these tools meets a different need, all of them are backed by Gerber's undisputed reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting products.

But which would your dad like the most?

Magniplier - Salt

gerber magniplier

Every angler knows the importance of having a solid set of pliers on board, as they can solve just about any problem that comes with catching fish. Whether a hook is too deep to reach in a fish's mouth or he needs to bend or shape another piece of tackle, pliers will always be his best friend.

The Magniplier offers an ergonomic trigger grip that'll forgive his hands after hours of hard work, while also giving him a firm grip on whatever he's clamping.

Made of anodized aluminum, the Magniplier can stand up to any task without weighing down his belt loops or his tackle box. Plus, Gerber's SALT Rx technology will protect against rust and corrosion produced by the elements of either saltwater or freshwater.

ComplEAT - Flat Sage

Gerber multitool

If your father is a fan of camping, this tool is an awesome gift idea. One of the most frustrating parts of camping is collecting trash at the end of the trip, which is often largely made up of disposable utensils, plates and cups. The ComplEAT addresses part of that issue by offering campers one of the most convenient and versatile eating utensils on the market.

Your father will be able to clip each part together to make one small, lightweight item that's easy to pack and even easier to use.

It includes a fork, a spoon, a spatula and a four-function multi-tool that will solve almost all of your campsite needs.

Pack Hatchet - Coyote Brown

The only campsite tool that rivals the understated value of eating utensils is a reliable hatchet. After all, if you can't split wood for a fire, you're going to have a hard time cooking food (unless you're using a portable propane stove, that is).

You don't want to buy him just any hatchet, though, as trying to split wood with a cheap one can be a huge headache out in the wilderness.

The Gerber Pack Hatchet isn't only a reliable option, but it's very affordable at only $35.

Exaggerated finger grooves in the handle allow for a steady swing a trustworthy grip, and a 3.5-inch stainless steel blade offers a strong splitting edge.

Propel Auto - OD Green, Stonewash, Plain Edge

Every man needs a knife to carry around for everyday tasks, and automatic lock blades have quickly become the go-to choice.

While there are countless variations when it comes to automatic knives, the Gerber Propel Auto is about as versatile as they come. With a 3.5-inch blade and a 5-inch closed length, it fits nicely into just about any pocket, and its slim shape dodges any concerns of discomfort.

It also offers a three-position pocket clip if he like having it in a more secure position.

The Propel Auto boasts a CPM S30V steel blade, which will only come out when you want it to, thanks to a easily operated safety feature.

Multi-Plier 600 - Stainless, Needle Nose

And finally, every father needs a reliable work tool that does it all. As the best-selling multi-tool platform to the U.S. military, the MP600 has garnered a legacy. While it's built tough enough for military tasks, its durability is savored my men and women of all occupations.

The stainless steel multi-tool features 14 different tools, all of which you can access with only one hand. Needle nose pliers, pinch-cut wire cutters, a wire crimper, a plain edge knife, a serrated knife, four different screw drivers, a lanyard ring, a can opener, a bottle opener, a file and a ruler are all included.

It also comes with a tool bit set and a ballistic nylon sheath.

No matter what you give your dad for Father's Day, make sure it's something that will last.