5 Field & Stream Fishing Essentials to Have in the Heat of the Catch

Do you ever think of something you wish you would've packed once you're already on the water?

There's a lot of gear to remember when you hit the water to go fishing. You have to remember your rod and reel, your tackle box, proper footwear, appropriate clothing and sunglasses. But, there are things that make life way easier on the water that seem to be the easiest to forget.

Well, fortunately for you, we're here to make your life easier. Here's a list of five fishing essentials that'll immediately improve your fishing experience.

1. Field & Stream Dry Bag

Ever get tired of trying to find some place to keep your clothes and valuables dry? Is it hard to trust the dry storage compartment in your kayak? Do you not have a place where your dry box will fit flush? A dry bag offers solutions to many of these problems.

You can stuff them just about anywhere, you can always count on them to keep your belongings dry, and you can even tie them to you or your boat and let them float. Field & Stream produces high-quality dry bags in a variety of sizes, so regardless of how much you like to bring with you on the water, there's a bag for you.

2. Field & Stream Short-Sleeve Latitude Shirt

It sounds silly, but you don't know how nice a fishing shirt is until you wear one while fishing.

Most importantly, they're just about the coolest thing you can wear when it's really hot on the water. The flap in the back offers nice air flow, the sort of thing you never knew you could appreciate so much. The fabric is able to block both the sun and the water, which you'll certainly notice when you go back to your old fishing T-shirt.

They don't weigh much at all, so you barely even notice you're wearing them. The one pictured above is the Short-Sleeve Latitude, which features SmartWick technology and UPF 50 protection.

3. Field & Stream Floating Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

You do technically have the option of leaving your phone back in the truck, but how are you going to take a picture of your monster bass if you catch one? Additionally, if you decide to go on an overnight kayaking/fishing trip, you're going to need your phone in case of an emergency.

This particular waterproof phone case is one of our favorites, as it floats, it glows in the dark, and you can easily just hang it around your neck. There's no chance water is getting in this thing either, so don't feel like you have to be careful.

4. Field & Stream Deep Runner Cargo Shorts

Fishing shorts are similar to fishing shirts in the sense that you don't appreciate them until you give them a shot. Many anglers fish in swim trunks, while others who don't plan on getting wet will just where their nice, everyday shorts.

However, anyone who's been fishing long enough knows you're sure to ruin a good pair of shorts after a few trips, and most swimming trunks lack pockets and durability. Want the best of both worlds? Try some waterproof shorts with pockets made just for fishing. The key is to buy one or two pairs of these that you can designate exclusively to your fishing trips.

The Field & Stream Deep Runner Cargo Shorts pictured above are a great option at a fair price. And, most of the Field & Stream clothes look sharp as everyday apparel, too.

5. Kayak

If you haven't bought one already, now's the time to just go ahead and get it over with. If you don't have the space or the money for a boat, a kayak is an absolute must.

You don't realize how limited you are fishing from the bank until you have the freedom of paddling wherever you desire. And, if you ever do buy a boat, a kayak will always serve a purpose.

Every boater is familiar with those sweet spots on the river that are only accessible to something as small as a kayak. If you decide to go this route, we'd suggest the Field & Stream Eagle Run 12. This is just about the most versatile kayak you can buy for an intermediate price.

When you're ready to gear up for the summer, remember that all Field & Stream apparel and products are sold exclusively at DICK'S Sporting Goods stores and Field & Stream Shops nationwide, and online at dicks.com and fieldandstreamshop.com.