5 Best Gun-Centric Man Caves

We all dream of our own man cave loaded with guns.

Some already have such epic places. Here are the five best gun-centric man caves you're sure to envy.

No matter how many guns you may own, it's never enough. You always know of that one guy who has every model of a certain gun manufacturer. These collectors are in a status of the upper echelon.

Their collections adorn their man caves in an epic view of firepower and gun history. We searched high and low and found a handful of gun displays more astounding than we could've ever imagined.

1. The king of tactical weapons

So you own an AR-15? Well, this guy has you beat. With a vast array of tactical-style guns, AK-47 rifles and everything else with a few sporting guns added for flavor. This is what man cave king legends are made out of. Better start saving your pennies to catch up to this gun collector who has more than your local gun shop does.

2. Collector of fine sporting weapons

From fine Winchester rifles to European drilling combination guns made in Germany a classic sporting guns collector might have them all. The above collector is certainly into double guns of fine quality. Now that's quite a collection to envy. A rustic gun room would take home decor to the perfect level.

3. Well-stocked man cave bunker

What if you don't have too much room? Well, you make the best out of that with a great assortment of additional weapons. The decorating theme is certainly modern with the gun racks of weapons displayed. This man cave wall is certainly well-armed. Add some barstools and take a load off.

4. The guy prepared for everything

Simplicity is when it is all about the guns and not necessarily the gun man cave. There are no tin signs hanging on the wall, just guns. Now that's what I call wall decor. Add an underground gun range and this guy has it all!

5. Guns and games

Need a game room and a gun room? Why not combine them? The man cave in this picture sports massive computer screens on the tabletop for your gaming or online gun auction needs. Man cave decor is always best served with a useful space to read great articles from us at Wide Open Spaces. Just sayin.'

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