460-Pound Feral Hog

460-Pound Problem Feral Hog Taken by Hunters in Central Texas

This giant hog was wreaking havoc on a central Texas farm.

The Lone Star State has a major feral hog problem, but in some spots, the problem is bigger than others. Quite literally in this case. Two friends in Proctor are making the usual social media and news rounds after dispatching of a gigantic 460-pound feral hog last Wednesday.

ABC 13 News reports that 17-year-old Nathan Wright and 20-year-old Colton Roberts were called out to a neighbor's house because of the problems a sounder was causing.

"He called us saying, 'Hey, we got a bunch of hogs that's tearing up our land. We got a bunch of money," Wright told the news station. "We pulled up about 6:30 that morning, turned the dogs loose and started hunting."

The two young men were joined by Wright's dad. The three hunters had no idea what an eventful morning it was set to be. It did not take long for their hunting dogs to catch up to three hogs, but the 460-pounder stood out noticeably in the group.

As crazy as the giant harvest was, the story of how they took it down is even wilder. After their hunting dogs cornered the animal, a few of the dogs grabbed the hog's ears and Roberts grabbed the back legs. Wright finished the animal off with a knife.

"It might have been the biggest hog we've been upon," Roberts told WFAA in a facetime interview. "But never expected to catch one that big."

Neither do most hunters. While Texas has a staggeringly high population of feral swine, estimated at 2.6 million animals and counting, it is somewhat uncommon to see one of this size. However, it is notable that this is at least the second 400+ pound hog to come out of Texas this year.

Back in March, a 13-year-old hunting with his dad bagged a 400-pounder near Columbus that also went wildly viral. Wildlife experts estimate that up to seven out of every 10 hogs must be shot in Texas just to keep the population at a stable level.

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