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40 Turkey Bow Kills in 30 Seconds Will Get You Pumped

Turkey bow kills

These 40 turkey bow kills will have you wishing turkey season was already here. 

For most of us turkey season has not started yet. However, there are a few youth seasons beginning this coming weekend. These 40 turkey bow kills will hold you off until then.

Those are a lot of turkey legs for dinner! More than that, those are some great shots by those archers. Turkeys have such a keen sense of sight that it makes it that much harder to harvest one with a bow.

Where do you think the best shot placement should be for a turkey? The breast, the wing or the head? Did you see the turkey that lost its head with an arrow? That is an impressive shot.

If you’ve never tried bow hunting for turkeys, I encourage you to give it a try. Especially if you’ve killed 100 turkeys with a shotgun, but never with a bow, you should try it out.

You never know, it might be your next favorite thing.

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40 Turkey Bow Kills in 30 Seconds Will Get You Pumped