4-year old suspended
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A 4-Year Old was Suspended for 7 Days After Bringing This to Preschool

The mother of Hunter Jackson first posted about this incident on Facebook. In this interview, she discusses how her four-year old was suspended for seven days from his preschool in Troy, Illinois. For what? Bringing in a spent .22 caliber casing. 

A teacher from A Place To Grow met Kristy Jackson when she picked up her son last week. The teacher informed Kristy that Hunter had brought in a "shotgun bullet." As a result, Kristy received a letter from the school's director the following day informing her that Hunter would be suspended for a week. As the story goes, the punishment is not just for the "bullet" incident, but also for repeatedly using toys as make-believe guns, a violation of school policy.

Turns out that "shotgun bullet" was just a spent .22 caliber casing Hunter had picked it up in a field while spending time with his grandpa over the weekend. Kristy states that Hunter's grandpa is a Caseyville police officer who is teaching his grandson responsible gun use. Most noteworthy, is the fact that the boy doesn't understand why he is being punished. "He's cried about it and he doesn't understand why his school hates him," Jackson said of her son.

Some 30-odd years ago, I remember playing cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians in kindergarten. We grabbed anything and everything, pointing at our classmates exclaiming, "PEW! PEW!". By today's standards, they would suspend my entire class. I feel sorry for Hunter and the rest of his generation. I hope someday kids will be allowed to be kids again, instead of pawns in an agenda driven society.