blackpowder rifles you must own

4 Traditional Black-Powder Rifles You Should Own

Black-powder rifles are both useful and fun to shoot.

Once the blackpowder bug bites you, there is no antidote.

Here are 4 traditional blackpowder rifles that should be in your gun rack.

1. Hawken .58-Caliber Rifle

I personally am a fan of the big old .570 patched lead round ball that hits like a sledgehammer. Percussion cap or flintlock it gets the job done in classic style. The Hawken design is both easy to clean and extremely accurate. Finding a .58-caliber Hawken Rifle is getting more and more difficult, though other smaller calibers are available.

2. Kodiak Double Rifle

While a .72-caliber double rifle may be a bit too much for whitetail deer, it'll certainly put a smackdown on any larger game you come across. In bear country, this formidable muzzleloader would give you extra insurance and peace of mind. You can also request a interchangeable, 10-gauge barrel set with this rifle. What more could you even ask for?

3. Traditions Crockett .32-Caliber Rifle

What better way to hunt small game than to smoke 'em with a small-bore, blackpowder rifle like Davy Crockett used to have? Step back in time and shoot this classic-style rifle that eats little powder compared to the larger calibers, but gets the job done.

4. Brown Bess Musket

This weapon's history is incredible. This technically isn't a rifle since it lacks cut rifling and uses a smooth-bore barrel. Load up some buck and ball loads and put some big holes in targets at the range.

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