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Shooting the Old British Brown Bess Musket [VIDEO]

The Brown Bess musket was the battle long gun for the British Empire.

This black powder gun was fired at many Revolutionary War American patriots.

See how this big bore beast does on Hickok45’s gun range.

The American Revolutionary War was the stage for this battle gun. This “assault weapon” of its time was feared on both sides.

The Brown Bess was originally a British soldier’s rifle but was implemented on both sides during the Revolutionary War. This big bore flint lock black powder beast belches .75 caliber lead round ball projectiles. If hit by one of these huge lead balls, your future was grim.

Of course, this was a smooth bore weapon and the accuracy was just not so good.

Hickok45 fires this Uberti replica of the Brown Bess that many a pioneer and soldier depended on for their lives in the 18th century.


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Shooting the Old British Brown Bess Musket [VIDEO]