4 Real-Life Applications That Aren't Possible Without an ATN ThOR LT

Here's how you can get the most use out of a new ATN ThOR LT rifle scope.

There are plenty of arguments for jumping on board the high-tech advancements of sporting optics, which is why you're always going to see features and specifications listed out when folks are talking about the latest and greatest.

But when it comes down to it, you don't ever want to invest in something you won't get good use out of. How are you supposed to actually envision yourself using something as innovative as a thermal rifle scope, especially if you've never used one before?

We've gotten a fantastic insider look at the new ATN ThOR LT Thermal Rifle Scope, and though we've gone on and on about the capabilities, we haven't provided enough real-world applications to make it clear how advantageous one of these smart scopes can be.

For anyone who's thought about owning one but struggled to validate such a big shift in gear, here are four legitimate ways a ThOR LT can cement itself into your overall collection of shooting and hunting supplies.

1. Say goodnight to ending hunts early

Where it's legal, night hunting can be some of the most productive (and fun) ways to go about it. Hogs are particularly susceptible to a night hunting session, but there are often times it's just impossible due to gear restraints.

With a ThOR LT, an afternoon or evening hunt can seamlessly continue into the night thanks to its equal effectiveness as both a day and night optic. You will never again have to swap out scopes, and the scaled-down size and profile of the ThOR LT make it easy to mount to just about any gun using standard rings.

If you're being honest, how many quality chances have ended because of low light conditions? That'll be a thing of the past if you have a thermal scope.

2. Ensure your path is clear

If you're like a lot of North American hunters, you spend early mornings during hunting season traveling to stands and blinds before the sun comes up. That's often the only way to do it, but it can be a treacherous journey if you fall victim to the disturbance of wildlife.

If you have an ATN ThOR LT on your rifle, you can scan ahead of you in the darkness before setting off through the woods, and check for anything that might be between you and your destination. Jumping a snoozing deer, scaring a covey of birds, or even disturbing a single, solitary squirrel can wreak havoc on your chances.

Put thermal optic technology in your quiver, and you'll avoid those situations altogether.

3. Tracking and recovery

How many times have you shot at a game animal in the waning hours of shooting light, only to watch it sprint away out of sight before you see it go down?

It happens to everyone, and we're usually forced to resort to waiting overnight and restarting the search the next morning. Those sleepless night are avoidable with a thermal scope, because you will be able to view things hidden to the naked eye or regular, non-digital scope.

The odds of locating and recovering animals in the dark increase drastically with the right tools.

4. Instant answers

Since the ThOR LT can see what other optics can't, you can find your target and know you've zeroed in your scope for more confidence than ever.

The one-shot zero is probably the ThOR LT's biggest benefit. Take a shot, adjust your reticle, and you're ready to go. Seriously. you don't even need to take a second shot. Can you imagine how much ammo that can save over the course of its lifetime?

Now that you can envision yourself using a thermal scope, we've got one last piece of applicable information to share: the price.

You're probably thinking a ThOR LT costs more than an arm and a leg, but at an MSRP of $1,200, it's easily one of the lowest-priced thermal scopes you can find. Rest assured the low price doesn't reflect the quality, but merely the dedication to a development and production process that is efficient enough to transfer directly to the consumer.

That's what ATN has mastered, and the ThOR LT rifle scope is a great example.