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4 Elk Videos from the Last Year

Ringing in the new year is better when you reflect on the best elk videos of 2017.

We’re wrapping up 2017 by sharing some of the best and most-viewed posts, videos, and stories from 2017 and sharing them in our Wide Open Spaces 12 Days of Top Stories countdown.

In this post we’ve got four of the best elk hunting videos we saw all year. Hope you enjoy!

1. Cam Hans and Joe Rogan

This video was just released, and it’s already taken over a top spot in our list of the best elk hunting of the year.

2. Pair of Brutes

These two took it to the streets, and a camera was there to roll.

3. Talking with Your Mouth Full

This video showed a bull who didn’t exactly remember his manners in front of a trail cam.

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full!!!Here is another video from our DS4K for #WapitiWednesday. Video credit – Ryan Tuttle

Posted by Stealth Cam on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

4. The Linguists

Perhaps one of the best elk hunting films we’ve ever seen, here’s “The Linguists.”

That’s it for this recap list of the four best elk hunting videos we watched all year.

Be sure to keep checking back daily as we continue our countdown of the 12 Top Stories of 2017.


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4 Elk Videos from the Last Year