4 Coolest Motorcycle Accessories We Could Find

In this high-tech world, it isn't just cars and trucks that get to have all the fun!

The best part about riding a motorcycle is the free-spiriting, wind-in-your-face experience, but enjoying this visceral feel doesn't mean you have to give up on the modern conveniences of life.

The market for motorcycle accessories is huge with everything from apparel and safety to styling and performance. If you just got a new bike, here are the four coolest motorcycle accessories we could find.

Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera

Many companies have Bluetooth hands-free devices that allow the safety and convenience of being able to talk on your cell phone or listen to music, but motorcycle accessories company Sena has created the 10C Bluetooth camera and communication system.

As its name suggests, the Sena 10C combines a Bluetooth ear piece and a high-def camera, but if that isn't enough, though, it also features a walkie talkie allowing you to talk to up to four other people at a range of one mile.


Magnetic Phone Holder

Not all motorcycle accessories have to be high-tech solutions. This magnetic smartphone case from Hopnel makes a convenient place to put your phone while you're riding, and it also allows for touch-screen operation so you can set GPS navigation directions.

E-tint Visor

There's nothing worse than rounding a corner and having the sunlight flare through your visor and temporarily blind you from upcoming traffic.

Instead of having to wear sunglasses, Akari has introduced an electronic tint that can darken at the push of a button. Think Transitions glasses for your helmet. This e-tint technology is used on cars like the Mercedes-Benz SLC roadster, but now brings the convenient technology to motorcycle riders.

Jacket with Airbag

Speaking of all these high-tech gadgets, there are plenty of motorcycle accessories that improve riding safety. One of the coolest in recent years is the introduction of riding jackets that incorporate inflatable airbags to help protect your torso if you fall.

Like the airbags in a passenger car, these jackets uses sensors to detect rapid acceleration or deceleration (the type you experience in a collision or fall), and inflates with air to protect the upper body.

This post was originally published on September 3, 2019.