4 Bear Shot Placement Tips To Keep In Mind This Spring

4 Bear Shot Placement Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring

Clay Newcomb knows a thing or two about bear anatomy, so make sure you pay attention to his tips on bear shot placement.

A bear has a slightly different internal anatomy than a deer, which can complicate things for people not used to hunting them. Fortunately, Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb made this great video featuring some very useful tips on where to place your shot.

If you've never hunted bears, it's well worth your time to hear what he has to say. You can skip ahead to the 3:54 mark to get straight into the segment on shot placement.

Unfortunately, poor shot placement accounts for a large number of wounded bears each year. However, that's not too difficult to fix if you follow Newcomb's bear shot placement tips:

  1. Aim a couple inches further back on a bear than you would on a deer to hit the vitals.
  2. Due to their long hair, bears look bigger than they actually are. For that reason, you'll need to shoot a couple inches higher than you would initially think to hit the vitals.
  3. Wait for a broadside shot where the bear is standing normally with all four feet on the ground and aim for a double lung hit.
  4. Try to get two holes (entry and exit), which will make tracking and finding your bear much easier.

Bears aren't bulletproof, so if you hit them in the right place with a sufficiently powerful bullet or arrow, they won't go far. Keep these tips in mind on your next black bear hunting trip and you'll be just fine.

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