Solo 300
YouTube: Duray Enterprises LLC

.300 Blackout Pistol Looks Exactly Like Han Solo's Blaster

This straight-pull, bolt-action pistol is called the Solo 300 for a reason.

In a video coming from the YouTube channel "Rolling Blackouts," we see an especially unique pistol.

By reverting to a straight-bolt, bolt-action, the man in the video below was able to remove all the parts needed to operate a gas-powered AR-15.

As you're about to hear, this gun doesn't use a gas block, a gas tube, a handguard, an AR charging handle, a bolt catch, a buffer tube, a buffer or a spring. Plus, it uses a polymer upper and lower, since there's no concern for the stress that comes from shooting a semi-automatic.

As a result, he's successfully built a .300 Blackout pistol on an AR-15 platform that weighs about 38 ounces, which is about the same as a 1911 pistol. Only this gun packs a lot more firepower.

Watch the video below:

As he mentioned, anyone could build a .300 BLK AR pistol like this for only a few hundred dollars. Make sure to check regulations first to make sure you're legal when it comes to short barreled rifles. Regulations for your state may vary.

It's definitely worth pointing out that the touch of the threaded barrel is a huge help, too, as this gun would be a ton of fun to suppress.

Additionally, it's sure to grab the attention of a few Star Wars fans, since it looks strikingly similar to Han Solo's blaster. Only without the colorful tracer lasers you see in the movies. That shouldn't take away from the fun of shooting it in any way. One thing is for sure, this is one unique firearm. It's sure to turn some heads at your local range.

This one has a left-side charging handle, but lefties could easily get around that during their build.