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.300 Blackout Pistol Looks Exactly Like Han Solo's Blaster

SOLO 300
YouTube: Duray Enterprises LLC

This straight-pull, bolt-action pistol is called the Solo 300 for a reason.

In a video coming from the YouTube channel "Rolling Blackouts," we see an especially unique pistol.

By reverting to a straight-bolt, bolt-action, the man in the video below was able to remove all the parts needed to operate a gas-powered AR-15.

As you're about to hear, this gun doesn't use a gas block, a gas tube, a handguard, an AR charging handle, a bolt catch, a buffer tube, a buffer or a spring. Plus, it uses a polymer upper and lower, since there's no concern for the stress that comes from shooting a semi-automatic.

As a result, he's successfully built a .300 Blackout pistol on an AR-15 platform that weighs about 38 ounces, which is about the same as a 1911 pistol.

Watch the video below:

As he mentioned, anyone could build a .300 BLK AR pistol like this for only a few hundred dollars.

It's definitely worth pointing out that the touch of the threaded barrel is a huge help, too, as this gun would be a ton of fun to suppress.

Additionally, it's sure to grab the attention of a few Star Wars fans, since it looks strikingly similar to Han Solo's blaster.

This one has a left-side charging handle, but lefties could easily get around that during their build.



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.300 Blackout Pistol Looks Exactly Like Han Solo's Blaster