spiderman rod
Massachusetts Dept. of Fish and Game/Phil Kidd

Flashback to the 3-Year-Old Who a Hooked Huge Rainbow Trout on Spiderman Rod

A young fisherman landed a monster rainbow trout in Massachusetts with his trusty Spiderman fishing rod.

A little angler named Zach used his Spiderman fishing rod in epic fashion, pressing the thumb button on his little spincast rod to haul in a beast of a rainbow trout in Jamaica Pond!

With his dad and biggest cheerleader by his side, he landed the fish and prompted the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game to share the picture.

It's easy to see how happy this future angling all-star is!

Spiderman himself would have been proud of how well Zach performed with his new fishing pole. The red-colored reel and blue pole performed spectacularly and never became tangled. Video games can take a back seat because Zach is now a fisherman for life!

Thanks to Governor Charlie Baker and the State of Massachusetts for stocking the pond with 1,000 trout for young and old anglers alike to enjoy.

Congratulations, Zach!

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