old climbing treestands
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Let These Old Climbing Stands Take You Back In Time

Do any of these old climbing treestands look familiar to you?

In 1947, a firefighter by the name of Andy Anders was the first to try deer hunting from a tree. As someone who pursued Japanese snipers in WWII, he never forgot how they sat in the trees using hang-on treestands made from simple vines and bamboo to stay aloft. Once he was home to stay, the "Andy Stand" was born.

Now, after many years, trials and errors, commercially sold treestands are a permanent part of our hunting culture. Once we decided to hunt out of the trees, we realized that we wanted even more, and it was then that the climbing stand came to be.

Some of these aren't that old, but a lot has changed over the years as technology has continued to progress. Have you ever ever use any of these?

River's Edge

The originals were metal all the way around, not using a cable like the newer models. As far back as 2004, River's Edge was forced to start recalling some stand models due to dangers of falling.

The Baker Stand

Some have called it the "Baker death trap," and others have deemed it the "suicide stand." One of the louder, yet most widely recognized stands, the Baker has a bad reputation, but it might make a nice collector's item.

API Original Climber

Paul Meeks and the API Outdoors Company employed some 350 people until 2003 when the business was sold to Bass Pro Shops.

API Grand Slam

An original Grand Slam might be 18 years old or more by now. One of the only issues with the system is replacing the chains that can rust from leaving it out too long. But, most who have used one give it good reviews.

Loggy Bayou

Many bowhunters have fond memories of the old Loggy Bayou, and some are even old enough to remember when they came out way back in the '80s. Some who bought them in the 1990s still use them today.

The Tree-Lounge

old climbing treestands

Craig Raleigh

I bought my Tree-Lounge in 2003 and have never looked back.

Bob Hice invented this stand back in 1980, and would climb a pole on the side of the road to help sell them out of the back of his truck. Redesigned in 2001 with a baked-on hunter green finish, this climber actually came complete with a full-body tree harness. Known for its safety, the enclosed brochure shows it hanging on a tree with 50 concrete blocks on it!

The tree climber and other treestands are part of our hunting culture that cannot be denied. Safety is, of course, the number one consideration whenever scaling a tree to hunt, but with modern technology, hunting just gets safer and safer every year. Still, every time we climb into a tree to hunt, there's an inherent danger, so make sure to wear your safety harness!

What other stands are missing from this list?

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