3 of the Best New Car Commercials From the Last Few Years

What characteristics excite you enough to actually enjoy watching a new car commercial? 

There are always hits and misses...

I will never truly comprehend the complete message of the hamster Kia commercials (although I understand the marketing angle), and I can always count on seeing Santa and his Mercedes-branded reindeer on TV around Christmas.

Whether or not we think they are cheesy or accomplished, they will always haunt our memories.

Nonetheless, car commercials help shape the meaning of the cars they feature, so they are important for any car enthusiast. The following are some of the commercials I think have great substance...

This commercial for the Challenger SRT® Demon makes the hair on the back on my neck stand up...

I can handle it! I promise!

Ah, the Chevy Camaro. What a history!

This spot certainly cashes in on that nostalgia factor.

Well, yeah Ford, we know the Mustang is meant to be driven. Like, driven straight into my garage.

Each individual person actually plays a large role in how car meanings are made. A consumer could become a brand enthusiast because of the connection they have with their first car. On some occasions it is a family brand—a brand of car to which the family has remained loyal buyers.

The next time you catch yourself thinking about a certain car, I bet your mind will go to a commercial you've seen. It just naturally happens that way, doesn't it?