3-legged doe
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3-Legged Doe Shot in Indiana, and the DNR Wants Info

A fairly well known 3-legged doe has been poached in Indiana and the DNR wants help in finding the person responsible.

Winter is a tough time to be a deer. Not only do you have hunters all over the country giving their best effort to take you home to feed your family, but you also sometimes have to fight for your own food. Unluckily for one 3-legged doe in Indiana, this winter was to be her demise, but according to the Indiana DNR, it was neither of these things, but a poacher who lead to her downfall.

3-legged doe

Image via Facebook

The DNR says that the 3-legged doe was frequently seen in the area around Deming in Hamilton County and was popular because even after loosing a leg several years ago she still managed just fine and even produced young every year.

The DNR believes that someone took a shot with a rifle from the road sometime during the night or early morning of January 22nd/23rd, and then left to rot in a field.

The best news so far is that a permit was secured in time to salvage the meat from the deer. Now, the Indiana DNR and local residents who knew the doe, are looking for answers.

One resident, Steven Lalioff wrote a touching piece about the deer on Facebook, saying "We affectionately knew her as "Tripod" but she could run like the wind despite her missing leg. I've been watching this deer for 9 years graze under my apple tree. She always had fawns and yearlings in tow, sometimes as many as 4 young were trailing her. By my count, she raised as many as 16 of her kind. I hope that whoever shot her "thought" they were doing her a kindness. Even still, I want them prosecuted for illegally discharging a rifle...there is no direction one can safely be shooting a rifle in this neck of the woods."

The Indiana DNR asks anyone with information to call 1-800-TIP-IDNR to help find the person responsible for this crime. Let's work together as hunters to find the person responsible and teach our kids the right way to hunt and live in the outdoors.

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