yeti trailhead chair

3 Game-Changing Camp Chairs We Saw at ATA 2020

Many products stood out to us at the this year, but we certainly didn't anticipate such an impressive showing of camp chairs.

When you think of new bowhunting products, camp chairs likely don't cross your mind. Yet, we came across a surprising number of top-tier chairs, a sure sign of hunters' demand for more comfort.

For your benefit, we decided to pick out our favorite three based on specific uses to make your shopping experience easier.

Whether you're hunting in taxing terrain, posted up in a ground blind or looking to simply camp in comfort, we have a chair for you.

YETI Trailhead Camp Chair

yeti trailhead chair

YETI has an unique way of making the least exciting items seem like necessary additions to your gear locker. In a way, though, that's always been its angle.

After revolutionizing the cooler market, YETI doubled down on the everyday gear outdoorsmen find themselves replacing all the time: thermoses, bags, buckets, cargo containers and, now, camp chairs.

yeti trailhead chair

YETI first came out with the Hondo Base Camp chair, but while it matched YETI's standard of quality and durability, it was seriously lacking in another area: efficiency.

Instead of packing down small like your average camp chair, it folded sideways, taking up a lot of room in the truck.

yeti trailhead chair

The minds at YETI came together to find a way to keep the sturdy structure of the Hondo folding chair, while also making it possible to pack it down into a bag.

yeti trailhead chair

With just a couple simple button clicks, the Trailhead packs down into a small, portable bag with backpack-style straps to make transportation a walk in the park.

yeti trailhead chair

It's still on the bigger side, though, which is why this is the ultimate home-base chair to leave back at camp.

Summit Adjustable Shooting Chair

summit adjustable shooting chair

While this chair could serve a number of different purposes, there's no question it belongs in a ground blind.

There's nothing worse than sitting quietly in a hunting blind for hours only to feel cramps starting to set in. This chair can adjust to tame any kind of uneven ground with its four adjustable legs, while offering comfort with a mesh seat and a 360-degree, silent-swivel rotation feature.

It too folds up into a package for efficient transportation.

So, if you want to hunt turkeys comfortably from the ground without the inconvenience of a squeaky camp chair, this hunting blind chair is the move.



CHAMA isn't new to the hunting industry, but its name undoubtedly carries more weight this year than it did last.

While the first two chairs on this list made serious waves at ATA, the CHAMA Chair transformed the market when it debuted. Now, it's an industry-wide mainstay.

Some thanks are due to CHAMA's top-tier quality, but ingenuity and versatility play just as large of a role.


Not only is this chair designed to handle any and all terrain—a template Summit followed when designing its newest chair—but it can also be packed down into a compact, ultralight pack, making it perfect for a backcountry trip.

This tripod hunting chair allows you to remain mobile while on the move and comfortable when stationary. And, it even comes in a sleek camo pattern.